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The StreamNet, Inc. Terms of Service forms a binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between StreamNet, Inc. (Legends of Classic Soul TV) and you, or, if you represent an entity or other organization, then that organization (in any way form or fashion “your, and or “you”. StreamNetTV & The Legends of Classic online streaming video platform provides all users the ability to have access and view prerecorded movies and live concerts. You may sometimes experience a dropout or glitch in some of the recordings.

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. BY USING THE StreamNetTV  STREAMING SERVICES AND OR BY INDICATING YOUR ASSENT TO THIS AGREEMENT BY REGISTERING YOUR ACCOUNT, CLICKING “I ACCEPT” OR ANY SIMILAR MECHANISM, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, If you choose to access or use the service or register an account on behalf of a principal, company, or another entity, you represent you have the full authority to bound each entity, entities and its affiliates to this Agreement.